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Indian Rogan Josh 

Best Dine in and Takeaway Indian Restaurant at Ferntree Gully 

About Us

Staff carrying food to the table

Owner and head chef of Indian Rogan Josh Restaurant, Ranjeet Gujral is a highly qualified and professional chef. After completing is 3 year diploma in food and catering management in India, worked with the Taj group of 5 star hotels, including Maurya Sheraton Hotel in New Delhi, The Leela Hotel in Mumbai and Le Maridan in Mumbai.  He then worked in New Zealand for 3 years and established his restaurant in Doncaster. Now with Indian Rogan Josh now open in Upper Ferntree Gully.

Meet Chef Ranjeet Gujral

Chef Ranjeet with his team


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Indian Rogan Josh

1216 Burwood Hwy
Upper Ferntree Gully, VIC 3156

restaurant inside phot showing th entrance

We are the best Indian Restaurant in Ferntree Gully

Indian Cuisine is an integral part of Indian Culture, as vast as its people, differing according to the community, region and state. It is distinguished by the sophisticated use of herbs and spices and the cooking technique. In the South, the climate and geography have influenced the curry. The hot climate makes light and spicy food very popular. Rice is the foundation of most meals. Coastal regions of the South are abundant in seafood cooked in aromatic herbs, spices, and coconut.

The Mughal Empire left its mark on Northern Indian Cuisine. Rich and aromatic dishes were prepared for the Mughal Emperors with dried fruits and nuts for elegant dining, The merger of Middle Eastern Cuisine with Indian spices and ingredients changed Indian Cuisine to the beautiful Mughlai Cuisine.

Tandoori cooking is trendy all around the world. TANDOOR originated from the Middle East, deriving from the Babylonian word TINURU, meaning fire, in Hebrew and Arabic TANNUR, TANDUR in Turkey and Central Asia and finally, worldwide. It is a clay oven heated by a charcoal fire or wood fire. This form of cooking burns off any remaining fat in the meat imparts a unique flavour and retains the natural juice.

As the cuisine moves upmarket, the establishment becomes ever more refined, and demand continues to grow; the chefs at ROGAN JOSH will become more adventurous to meet the demand but at the same time jeep the authenticity of the dishes from different regions of India.

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